Since 1990 Bolduans Bay Oysters has purchased oyster seed (spat) from various shellfish hatcheries and grows this spat through to sizes ranging from 10 mm to 60 mm that are required for further on growing by farmers around Tasmania. Bolduans Bay Oysters is the largest supplier of juvenile oysters in Tasmania. The farm consisting of 78 hectares leased from the Crown, has 50,000 metres of oyster racking capable of holding 88,000 basket and tray units, for housing oysters in the various stages of growth. Average stock on hand quantities ranges between 12 to 16 million oysters. Stock that is not sold to on growers as juveniles is carried through to maturity for sale for human consumption. Sizes range from 70 mm to 100 mm.

Production of up to 2.16 million oysters (180,000 dozen) in these sizes has previously been achieved with the company target of increasing this to 3.0 million (250,000 dozen) by 2018-2019 financial year. Peak production of 530 tonnes live weight was achieved during 1999, from the Company’s Marine Farms. This is equivalent to 530,000 dozen, 75 mm (Standard) oysters.

Bolduans Bay Oysters P/L is a founding shareholder of Shellfish Culture Ltd oyster hatchery and Tas Prime Oysters P/L marketing company. Tas Prime handles the sale of all Tarkine Fresh and Bolduans Bay mature oyster products into the processing sector throughout Australia and for overseas exports.

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How we grow them, the boat, all the equipment and talk first hand with the oyster farmers. Its a vineyard on the sea but you need to see it to believe it.

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Plucked from the ocean before your eyes. Freshly shucked, not rinsed-off, so they taste naturally of the sea... exactly how they should.

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Clean fresh air, pure clear waters and pristine landscape everywhere you turn! Travel 16km from the Coffin Bay township by boat to see the home of the world famous Coffin Bay oysters.