Tarkine Fresh Oysters are produced by award winning company Bolduans Bay Oysters Pty Ltd. Our passion is to provide our customers with only “fresh on the day” harvested and shucked oysters.


The concept of Bolduans Bay Oysters since its creation has been to grow the best oyster possible; the highest shell to meat ratio, consistency, and an oyster that travels well on its way to market.

Our café and retail store is purely for the enjoyment of meeting tourists and locals and providing you with the freshest oysters you’ve ever had.


We hope to give you an opportunity to experience and learn about the life of an oyster and its journey to your plate. We want to change the way in which our customers appreciate oysters and we’d love Tasmania to be known globally for this beautiful produce.

“We never get tired of hearing comments that Tarkine Fresh Oysters are the best oyster our customer has ever had.”