Our oysters are harvested fresh from Duck Bay in Smithton, Tasmania where there is a 3.5 meter rise and fall in the tide, providing the perfect environment for growing oysters. Smithton has some of the highest rainfall in Australia’s south, providing a constant supply of nutrient rich water all year round.

Located on Tasmania’s stormy North West Coast, Duck Bay has a reputation for providing high quality, nutritious oysters in November to April when supply is usually scarce throughout Australia. These oysters have a large, sweet abductor muscle with white flesh.

Tasmanian oysters were introduced from Japan in 1946. A pacific oyster in Duck Bay takes around 24 months to grow to an appropriate size for consumption.






Tasmania has adopted an internationally accepted quality assurance program for the reduction of food safety risks in shellfish consumption. A dedicated monitoring system, known as the Shell  MAP agreement, ensures food safety across the industry.

This program is carried out by Tasmanian Shellfish Quality Assurance Program (TSQAP) allowing Tasmanian Shellfish to enjoy an enviable food safety record. Our harvest areas have monitors that record the salinity levels after rainfall. This is governed by the TSQAP program who will close areas down for harvest when the levels are not acceptable. Water testing must take place before a harvest area can be reopened.